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I am writing because I'm really not sure who else to turn to for assistance. I used a moving company to move me from one location to the next.

The move went smooth until I had a problem with my sofa not being put together correct. I contacted the (manager) to ask for assistance with them coming back out to fix the error they made when they took my sofa apart. The manager Darnell was rude from the beginning but being that I needed their assistance I left it slide. Darnell promised that someone would come out to fix my sofa within the next few days of my move.

I never heard from him again and received the run around from his employees for almost a week. I then spoke with a young lady by the name of Jessica. She informed me that they would have a team member contact me to fix the sofa. She took my number and stated that someone by the name of Doug would contact me that evening to set up a time for him to come out.

Doug called later on and stated that he wouldn't be able to make it til after 6pm. I explained to him that was fine to just give me a call when he was on his way. Needless to say Doug never called or showed up. This all started on October 31st and by now it's November 6th.

I contacted him everyday after I got off only to not receive a answer but he would always answer during the day to say he was coming but never came by to fix. By the 14th of November I was totally frustrated to say the least. I called the office and spoke with Marie and expressed how upset I was, she apologized for my inconvenience and said that she would make sure Doug came out on the 15th to fix the sofa and to contact her over the weekend to let her know what the results were. I called Doug after I got off work but he didn't answer the phone.

I had already had other arrangements so I went to my planned hair appointment. As I am sitting at the hair salon Darnell called... He stated that his man had tried contacting me an I didn't answer. I told him that he was lying and no one had contacted me.

Darnell asked me where I was and I stated I'm at the hair salon. He said "you at the hair salon WHAT". Then Darnell loudly stated look your gonna have to find somebody else to fix your sofa and simply hung up the phone. I called Darnell right back and with a few choice words asked him why I needed to find someone else to fix it when his company is the one that took it apart.

I told told him I've been waiting on his company for almost two weeks and now you can't wait on me. Darnell states that he paid him to come out and he's not sending him back out. I said is this the way you do business, you don't give quality customer service. In the middle of me speaking Darnell yelled "If you would shut the *** up and listen to me" I said excuse me is that how you talk to yo customers.

He said you cussed at me so you *** right I'm cussing back. I was so angry and I hung up the phone. Minutes later Doug called to apologizes for Darnell behavior and to set up a time to come. I explained to Doug that it was nothing he could say to change what Darnell had already said.

We set a date of Sunday the 17th to come out at 9:30am. Doug came out (very polite) and once again apologized for Darnell behavior and also stated that I'm not the first customer to receive this level of treatment. I asked him for Darnell boss name but he stated that he didn't want to be involved. So about a hr later I contacted Marie and told her what happen.

I asked her for the boss name and number an she told me the boss name was Gary Knight but she didn't have a number for him. She said she was going to call Darnell and talk to him about his behavior. She later called back stating that Darnell wanted her to send his apologies. I told her that she shouldn't have to call to apologizes for a grown man.I told her that I had been dealing in customer service for years and I know that in dealing with people you can't react off their actions.

She said she would call him to let him know. About 10 min later Darnell called giving a lame apology. He stated that he had a long day and he had just fired one of his employees so when I cussed he just responded. Needless to say the call went bad again.

Monday the 17th I contacted the office to speak with the suppose to be owner Gary Knight. Jessica and Darnell stated he wasn't in the office and doesn't come in often. I then called back on the 18 th and let a message for Gary Knight to call back. A few hrs later I received a call from a number I didn't know, when I answered it was Darnell.

He stated "*** Gary Knight does not exist I made him up. I then hung up my phone and he proceeded to call back.

I gave him a few choice words then I hung up my phone. He then sent me a text messages that was very disrespectful.

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Spring, Texas, United States #1036284

well id file a complaint with the bbb and also you could take them to court over emotional stress and cost for you having to go and make an effert on your part. Now the texting aspect if he keeps bothering you just let the police know but for the love of god dont delete the messages screenshot them and send them to where safe also you can ask a county clerk to see the busness tax records Business Information

Location Type Single Location

Year Established 2013

Annual Revenue Estimate 81000

Employees 2

SIC Code 4789, Transportation Services, NEC NAICS Code 488999, All Other Support Activities for Transportation Business Categories Transportation in Southfield, MI Transportation services, nec Transportation Services thats what i could pull up but if you payed them in card you could dispute the charges i wouldnt go that route lots of paper work but a really good way to shine the spotlight on them is the news

to austinisatwin #1229227

Annual revenue only 81,000; that wouldn't even pay for half my annual fleet maintenance. Lol, sad.

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